The PipaUFRJ Project (Childhood and Environmental Pollutants Project) was elaborated from the growing worldwide concern with exposure to environmental pollutants that ocurr in our daily life and their effects on human health.

It is a longitudinal study (in the medium / long term) that will accompany mothers and their babies, from the gestation phase until 4 years of age. With this, we will have the opportunity to evaluate the effects of pollutants from a very early fetal development stage until early childhood.

We intend, therefore, to elucidate and study these effects so that preventive and control measures can be taken, reflecting in a greater good for the whole society.

The project is in the pilot study phase, where 6 months of age, as well as their sociodemographic information, will be evaluated. In this important phase, the methodologies and strategies developed will be tested and validated to improve the study.

The project counts with the collaboration of several partner institutions and the participating mothers and babies. Together, we will contribute to a great scientific advance in this extremely relevant to subject concerning population health.